Beacon Roof & Exterior Cleaning specializes in restoring your residential property’s roof, deck, driveway, and fencing to keep your home looking beautiful, clean, and new.

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Is it Old – Or Is It Mold?

Our trained and experienced technicians will offer a no obligation quote for your entire project!

Replacing an old roof is expensive. Before you spend thousands of dollars, allow our team of technicians to offer a quote on roof restoration and cleaning. In many cases, what LOOKS like an old roof is just mold and debris hiding a perfectly functional roof that doesn’t require replacement. Our free quote could save you thousands and restore the beauty of your home. Beacon Roof & Exterior Cleaning also offers driveway, fence, screen, and exterior washing. For homeowners, this is an easy and cost-efficient way to restore the beauty of your home without having to replace or repaint the exterior.


Replace Or Restore?

Before you replace your roof let our team give you an estimate. We can possibly save you time and money by restoring your roof.

Our technicians are trained to work with roof and siding materials of all kinds. Whether you’ve got a tile or shingle roof, we can restore it to its original beauty. For stucco, brick, stone, vinyl, or wood siding exteriors, we’re able to save you repainting or replacement costs by extending the life of your existing materials. What looks old might just be mold!

Save time and money and increase the value of your property by restoring your home to its original beauty. Contact Beacon Roof & Exterior Cleaning for a free quote today!

Home Window Cleaning

Your neighbors and family will see the difference when Beacon Roof & Exterior Cleaning has been to your home! We offer both exterior and interior window cleaning. Our technicians are trained to work carefully and safely while cleaning your windows. That means your furnishings, floors and window treatments will be left just the way we found them. Beacon is fully insured and bonded, and all of our window cleaning products are home-safe and biodegradable. We do not use any ammonia or alcohol-based solutions that could affect fabrics or flooring.  

Home Window Tinting

Beacon Roof and Exterior Cleaning sets the standard for quality and selection with 3M film. 3M film is backed by a manufacturer’s lifetime guarantee. Whether you’re looking for a window tint to block heat, reduce glare, fading or add privacy, Beacon has the most extensive selection available in today’s market. 3M film has the right film to fit your needs.

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