Roofs may be out of sight for the most part, but they are no less important than the rest of your home. Regular roof maintenance is essential to keep your home protected from all kinds of weather.

Schedule Frequent Inspections

It’s a good idea to schedule regular professional roof inspections for your home at least once a year, twice a year if your area has experienced a lot of storms and bad weather, especially hail.

However, homeowners should perform inspections of the roof and attic space between the professional inspections.

In the Attic

In your attic, check for any signs of water stains on the underside of the roof and the floor of the attic. Check the condition of the insulation and see if it is damp. Water stains indicate a leaking roof that needs repairing as soon as possible to prevent more damage.

The Roof Surface

Standing on the ground, check as much roof as visible for missing, curled, or loose shingles. If you have a chimney, check around where the roof meets and see if the metal plates, known as flashing, is loose or missing. If you do see any such damage, contact a roofing contractor for immediate repairs. Making repairs as quickly as possible prevents any further damage to the home that can be expensive.

Black Fungus and Moss on a Roof

Black fungus is unsightly, making a roof look ugly and dirty and ruining the curb appeal of your Florida home. The black fungus grows on an asphalt roof because it feeds on the limestone contained in the composition of the shingles. This fungus likes to grow in shady or low light conditions, so it’s typical to see it growing on the north side of homes and on the surface of roofs under overhanging trees.

Moss also grows in shady, moist conditions and you can see this plant growing on tile, slate and asphalt roofs. Some homeowners consider moss on a roof to be attractive, but if allowed to continue growing, moss can eventually ruin a roof and cause it to need replacing. As the moss creates a mat-like layer across the roof, it holds water. Over time this overabundance of moisture causes the roofing material to break down and the wood of the substrate to rot.

The rafters and the interior of the attic will also be affected over a more extended period if the moss is not removed. The sustained moisture caused by the moss eventually creates leaks, and this will begin to deteriorate the interior of the house. Periodically removing moss from your home’s roof is very important in a humid Florida climate to keep your roof as dry as possible and to extend the lifespan of your roofing material.

You Don’t Have to Replace Your Roof

When a roof is streaked with dirt and black algae, it can ruin the whole look of your home and possibly lowering the property’s value. However, you don’t have to replace your roof in order to regain your home’s curb appeal. Using a soft wash cleaning process can make your roof look great again.

Cleaning Your Roof Safely and Effectively

The strong blast of water from pressure washing can cause damage to the roofing material. However, a soft wash system is gentle enough to thoroughly clean away black fungus, moss, and other stains and not harm your roof. Plus, using the soft wash system will last up to six times longer than pressure washing.

Contact Beacon Roof and Exterior Washing

We are passionate about protecting the roofs of our customers’ homes and commercial properties. That’s why we use an ultra-safe chemical wash that uses no pressure to clean a roof and restore its attractive appearance. Over the years, Beacon Roof and Exterior Washing has cleaned thousands of roofs and other surfaces in our community and the state of Florida. Our customers depend on us to keep their roofs in excellent condition and maintain property values.

Our careful attention to detail, professionalism, and superior worth ethics enable us to handle any cleaning job. Contact us at our Space Coast location at 321-507-4851 or our Treasure Coast location at 772-267-6804 and schedule an appointment for a free estimate of your cleaning project. We look forward to serving you!

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