In real estate, the term “curb appeal” describes the power of your house to attract buyers before they ever set foot inside. How does curb appeal impact your ability to sell your house and fetch the highest price?

Make a Good First Impression

Since drive-by lookers can’t know what lies beyond the exterior, their first impression will be all they have to go on before deciding to learn more. Since searching for the perfect home within their budget carries as much stress for a buyer as selling does for homeowners, if they don’t immediately like what they see in the pictures or from their cars, they’ll readily scratch your home off their list and move on.

A Clean Exterior is Inviting

Have you ever passed by a deteriorating house and felt a bit depressed by it? Dirty windows and walls, weeds and other signs of neglect tend to give people the creeps. They may wonder if the house is a beat-up rental or owned by someone who cares very little about the property. Conversely, have you ever passed a home with a bright, clean exterior and well-maintained grounds and felt like the residents must be friendly and kind? It’s a fact of human psychology that shabby appearances repel and clean attracts and invites.

Your House Looks Ready to Move In

Except for those buyers planning to buy low, pour in the sweat equity and sell high, most buyers hope to avoid walking into an expensive maintenance project when they purchase a property. The cleaner the exterior, the more likely they are to see a house that’s ready for move-in without any work on their part. This view tends to get you showings. The more you show, the faster you’ll sell.

Pride of Ownership

Great curb appeal shouts out that you took a great deal of pride in the ownership of your home. Since there are a million things around a house that wear out or can go askew and fail to work properly at any time, maintenance is a constant battle. But a home that sparkles on the outside suggests to lookers that you cared about your residence and took the time and effort to keep it in good working condition. If the driveway, roof, and windows are sparkling clean, potential buyers feel confident that the plumbing, electrical, furnace, air conditioner and appliances also work.

Buyers Anticipate Less Work After Purchase

Home buyers probably already know that they will face some amount of work when they move in. They may want to replace the carpets or refresh the hardwoods or paint walls in colors they prefer. However, when the house has a tasteful, like-new exterior, they’re more likely to suspect the interior will need a bare minimum of preparation for their personal lifestyle. This perception will bring more showings than if you leave the exterior in a less than perfect condition.

Makes House Photogenic

Curb appeal is more than just how your home appears from the street. With the convenience of the internet, almost all property views start with a photograph on a website. Before anyone drives by for a peek, they will most likely have seen your home in two dimensions. The best way to represent your property for the web is to have it professionally photographed. A pro can render the building well without the skew of snapshot photography. Before the shots are taken, though, you want the home to look as good as it can. High definition pictures will easily show problem areas, so you’ll want to eliminate any detractions first.

If the home looks neat, clean and well-cared for in the web photos and from the street, potential buyers may move to the next step and request a showing. However, if the house appears needy, then buyers will likely pass over your property. The best place to start when grooming your home for sale is to hire a professional power washing and exterior cleaning company. They can clean the roof, walls, windows, decks, patios, sidewalks, fences, driveways and garage floors quickly so that you can spend more time and energy on the landscaping and interior.

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