The holidays are just around the corner, which means decorating your home inside and outside. If you are like many other people, when it comes to decorating for the holidays, one of the main focal points of your home is often the windows. Whether you prefer the simplicity of stringing a few lights or go full force with lights, ornaments and window decals, before you begin your holiday decorating, it’s important to not get too caught up with the decorating that you overlook the condition of the window itself. Keep in mind that even the jolliest of holiday decorations can’t salvage the look of poorly maintained windows. To help you have window decorations that are the envy of the neighborhood, here are a few tips to get your windows holiday ready.

Inspect Windows

The first step is to do a thorough inspection of all windows from the inside and from the outside of your home. Check for any signs of damage to the frame and the glass. Warped or cracked frames will take away from your colorful holiday decorations. When inspecting the glass, check for fogging, condensation, cracks and broken seals.

Clean the Windows

Once you have inspected the windows for any potential damages, it’s time to give them a thorough cleaning. The cleanliness of the windows will help emphasize the interior and exterior decorations of your home.  Early fall is the perfect time to clean the windows, both inside and outside. To clean the inside of the windows, you can use either a store-bought cleaner or make your own environmentally friendly cleaner by using vinegar and water. When it comes to cleaning the outside of the windows, it’s best to hire a local company to the job for you. A professional will have the equipment to give the windows as well as the frames a much thorough cleaning.

Repair Damages

If there are any damages to the windows or the frames, the best time to make repairs is before cleaning. Damages, such as rotting wood frames, cracked glass and condensation between glass panes will not only take away from the beauty of your holiday decorations, but these types of damages can also make your home drafty and increase your energy costs; both of which can take away from you enjoying the holidays in a warm, comfortable home. In some situations, water damage to window frames may the result of dirty gutters or even a dirty roof, which prevents water from flowing off of the shingles like it’s meant to. So, you may want to consider hiring a local company that has the experience and equipment to clean the entire exterior of your home, including the roof, gutters and windows.

Time to Decorate

Now that you have prepared the windows for your holiday decorations, it’s finally time decorate. Some great holiday decoration ideas that will not only make your home look festive may include, window decals (kids love them), hanging homemade strands of dried orange slices, cinnamon sticks and dried apples, and for a classic look, don’t forget to add flameless candles to each window in the front of your home. Remember safety is first when it comes to decorating your windows for the holidays, so be sure to use the appropriate lights for the interior and exterior, ensure all extension cords are in excellent condition and never place burning candles near curtains or other types of window decorations.

When doing the inspection of your windows, don’t forget to also check the other areas of your home that can add to unattractive windows, including the roof, gutters and siding. If you notice any damages to the exterior of your home, make sure to have repairs as soon as possible to prevent the problem from worsening. To help make the process of cleaning the exterior of your home an easier process, consider have routine inspections and cleaning of the major areas of your home, such as the roof and gutters.

At Beacon Roof & Exterior Cleaning, we understand how important the cleanliness of an exterior is to highlighting your holiday decorations. If you want to ensure your home’s exterior is sparkling clean for the holidays, contact us today to schedule your window and/or roof cleaning.

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